[+] General Changes

- Prayer drain has been adjusted to match RS3, on Ataraxia 1, prayer draining was a myth, it has now been edited to ensure players are managing their Prayer as well as only using what they have to! There is also a Debuff icon for Prayer now displaying the amount of points lost per tick
- Removed bank containers from the server, while they were beneficial at the time for organisation, with Bank boosters added, they are negligible
- Renamed Miscellaneous option on Uzi's perk shop to just Ataraxia coins (only thing that's sold in it)
- Donor experience bonuses (Bronze 5%, Platinum 10%, Diamond 15% & Master 20%) have been disabled until a majority (if not all) of the launch races are completed
- Removed Bork tasks from Reaper assignments
- Increased the default price of all Outfits on the Cosmetic overrides from 10 coins/piece and 50/set to 25/piece and 125/set, having outfits cost $2 was pretty insane
- Death has been readded to his house
- Removed King of the Skill from the server (for now until we figure out a way to implement it in the future)
- Nerfed Pest control secondary rewards
- Added Grim gem to the starter items when making a new account, removed it from the Shop
- With our Reaper tasks being uncapped, the Reaper portal at home teleporting you to your active task would've been too overpowered, so instead it will teleport you to Death
- Super Prayer renewal now adds a buff timer along with a few others
- Fixed some Buff timers staying on post-death 
- Fixed all inventory/right click options for the Excalibur, Enhanced Excalibur and Augmented Enhanced Excalibur
- Fixed more Dungeoneering smuggles (ty Lyst)
- Disabled ;;col as you can now access it through the RS3 interface
- Added Rimmington home teleport to the Construction teleports
- Removed adrenaline crystals from Droptables until they're needed (if ever)
- Added a teleport to Camel warriors
- Added Werewolf spawns to Canifis
- Added Tormented demons teleport
- Added Chaos giants/Nightmares to Blocked tasks until they're added
- Added Burthorpe troll cave entry
- Added Sophanem guard back to the dungeon entry
- The Bonfire at home will now automatically grant you a Bonfire boost equal to Magic logs if you have 90 or higher Firemaking
- You can no longer sell items back to the Treasure trails store
- Removed High level Summoning secondaries from the shop, these will be added to NPC drops (yet to be decided)
- Added wilderness Abyssal demon spawns
- Added wilderness Black demon spawns
- Added wilderness Blue dragon spawns
- Added wilderness Gargoyle spawns
- Added wilderness Greater demon spawns
- Added wilderness Ice strykewyrm spawns
- Added wilderness Kal'gerion demon spawns
- Added wilderness Waterfiend spawns
- Added a message stating the effectiveness of the Statius' warhammer spec
- Removed the special attacks for Saradomin and Zamorak staff
- Added Burthorpe mine entry
- Removed ;;train and ;;g1-4
- Completionist cape now gives +5% luck and Completionist cape (t) now gives +10% luck (stacking with Gamemode)
- Mining teleports on the Teleport interface are now a lot easier to comprehend for those unfamiliar with the M&S rework:



[+] Cosmetic Walk Animations

- You can now purchase the walks through the Animations interface, they will cost Ataraxia coins which can be purchased from Uzi's Perk shop at ;;shops
- The price varies depending on the walk (which should encourage risking it for the Mystery box) and all are available to purchase: 


- Here are the prices:
750 Ataraxia coins ($30): Zombie, Slowmo and Assassin
500 Ataraxia coins ($20): Nomad, Hot Sand, Blink and Plague Doctor
300 Ataraxia coins ($12): The Risen, Barbarian, Sad, Happy, Proud, Angry, Spirit hunter, Revenant, Conga, Loved up, Party fever, Twisted Jester and Cat
- You can alternatively purchase the Walk animations mystery box which will contain any of the walks at equal odds for $10, the item you'll receive from the box is tradeable and redeemable for the walk (I.E If you pull a Zombie/Slowmo/Assassin walk, you should profit


[+] Noticeboard

- A new noticeboard interface has been added, it will now scale perfectly with RS3 interfaces
- Disabled auto refreshing every 5~ seconds, you can now manually refresh it at the bottom of the interface
- You can move it around freely and increase the size to your desire:




[+] Bank Boosters

- You can now purchase boosters to the size of your bank, without any boosters you will have 650 slots to fill, once full, you can purchase space in +50 increments costing 150 Ataraxia coins ($6)
- This can stack up to a total of 1350 Bank slots, which should be more than enough!
- You can simply hit the plus sign to be directed to purchasing extra Slots:



[+] Combat Rework

- One of the main things that I/we wanted to improve in the downtime was the combat balancing, while the previous combat was enjoyable because players were able to pretty much decimate anything with ease, it was terrible for the longevity and quality of the game as a whole
- With (no offence) absolute degenerate plebs like Snowie being able to do 4k telos, I realised something was wrong
- So, along with the Prayer changes, a few different things have been edited in order to hopefully improve the quality of late-game bossing and Slayer
- All NPC hitpoints have been increased by 50% other than: Araxxor, Telos, ED1/2 mobs/bosses, QBD, Kalphite King and Vorago
- Decreased the base damage global modifier by 30%
- Increased NPC defence/armour by 20% and accuracy by 10%
- Made all NPCs between combat 70-99 deal 25% damage through protective prayers, IE an Abyssal demon (98 cmb) dealing 200 damage without prayer, activating the prayer will make them deal 50 damage to you. 
- Made all NPCs above combat 100 deal 50% damage through protective prayers, IE a Ganodermic beast (112 cmb) dealing 200 damage without prayer, activating the prayer will make them deal 100 damage to you
- With some testing, this has made high-level slayer where you tackle 5-10 mobs at the same time a little more challenging, but not impossible, which is what we wanted, while also maintaining the early level easiness
- These changes are all subject to change, and we're constantly testing and working on making it perfect, but as it stands, these changes will likely be what is faced on relaunch, and I'm quite confident they'll settle in fine



[+] Booster Tokens

- As I've stated previously, we've been trying to monetise the Store without directly impacting too much of the game's overall integrity, a way I've seen numerous successful servers do this is with consumable tokens that provide benefits and then expire after x time
- So far, we've thought of 3, however, this may be expanded in the future depending on content we release.

Godwars Booster Token

- This token costs $2 and increases the chance of rare drops from Godwars dungeon 1 or 2 by 15% for 30 minutes stacking up to 60 minutes

Elite Dungeons Booster Token

- This token costs $2 and increases the min/max amount of essences received (ones that create t92 equipment) by 30% as well as Dungeoneering tokens by 30% while in the Elite dungeons
- When activating this, you will receive a Buff icon which you can hover to read the details of your boost:


Skilling Booster Lamp

- This lamp costs $2 and similar to the Ancient effigies will give you two Skill options from the following pool to pick between for +20% BXP for 30 mins: Cooking, Woodcutting, Fletching, Fishing, Firemaking, Crafting, Mining, Smithing, Herblore, Agility, Thieving, Farming, Runecrafting, Hunter, Construction or Divination (Doesn't include: Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, Magic, Hitpoints, Slayer, Summoning, Invention, Archaeology).
- When receiving the lamp, clicking it will determine the skills you can choose between:


- You will then receive the Lamp to choose between them: 


- All available skills have a relevant icon associated, so when activating, you'll be able to track your time left:


- Similar to the Godwars and Elite dungeons tokens, these will stack at 60 minutes per skill
- Please let us know any feedback on these booster tokens!


[+] Reaper Assignments

- When we took Ataraxia down I really wanted to rework how Reaper assignments worked, I think the Runescape 3 system would be way too harsh for the server as doing 1 per day is ridiculous
- However, there aren't many changes we can make to the system without doing something like that, but don't worry, we haven't limited the tasks you can do per day... Yet.
- As answered on the Poll, the general consensus was make the tasks a bit longer yet more rewarding, so, I've tried to do that to the best of my ability:


Boss Name - Kill Range, Point Range

Araxxor/Araxxi - 5-10, 20-35
Barrows - 7-15, 10-20
Rise of the Six - 5-10, 20-35
Chaos Elemental - 20-40, 10-20
All Godwars Dungeon 1 Bosses - 20-40, 10-25
Corporeal Beast - 10-25, 14-25
Dagannoth Kings - 20-40, 10-20
All Godwars Dungeon 2 Bosses- 20-30, 15-30
Fight Kiln - 2-3, 20-40
Kalphite King - 8-15, 20-30
Kalphite Queen - 20-30, 15-25
King Black Dragon - 20-40, 15-25
Legiones - 15-30, 10-18
Nex - 8-14, 20-30
Nex: Angel of Death - 5-10, 25-45
Queen Black Dragon - 8-16, 20-30
Telos - 8-14, 20-35
Tormented Demons - 20-40, 15-25
Jad - 2-3, 20-30
Vorago - 5-10, 20-35
Magister - 8-16, 15-35
Elite Dungeon 1 & 2 Final bosses - 3-6, 20-35 

- I've tried to take into account the time it takes to do the Bosses and hopefully reflected that in the min/max of the points
- Open to all feedback regarding these below or PM me on Discord!



Getting to the business end now, with complete transparency, I was quietly confident we'd be ready by the weekend of the 23rd. Unfortunately, with a few circumstances and content edits still needing to be added/fixed, we won't make that timeline.


However, we've pretty much added all the content we initially intended to and apart from some bugs and Store/Website/GIM related edits, we should be ready in the next 2 weeks (unless there are any major issues).


Stay up to date with our progress on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/


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